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imageWho is doing most of the talking in the classroom? It should be the kids not me…but this usually is not the case.
My students did their first anchor chart this week. We’ve done charts together before but those were mostly my creation but this one was all theirs and I must say they referenced it all week! I was amazed and delighted! Even struggling readers were pointing out sensory images as they monitored their comprehension!
Smarter Charts made me rethink my take on anchor charts. If they are not kid created then the students have no connection to the information and simply will not access it.
The frustrating part of this chart making experience was it took much longer than the other way where I spoon fed them to move things along. Wait time can be challenging but they need time to think…I then realized that many parts of our day are so rushed students and teachers alike do not get think time. “Changes are a comin’ son”…


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