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Vocabulary Instruction… Taken to the Next Level!

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Wonderful resource to build vocabulary!!!

Wonderful resource to build vocabulary!!!

I just finished this book and WOW!!! From the first chapter to the last the authors shared a plethora of powerful points and practices! I shared the last paragraph with my peeps and it gave them chill bumps!
Practical practices that teachers can implement immediately into their classroom to improve student vocabulary and engagement! Little by little, I’m adding to the vocabulary instruction that was already in place.
I did some vocabulary word matching with the pictures and synonyms and the students loved it! Next week we are using the lanyarns and 7-Up sentences and if all goes well maybe rounding out the week with the Block Party idea!
Any teacher would benefit HUGELY from reading this book if he/she desires to improve vocabulary instruction! The authors give primary and intermediate grade examples and resources in this teacher friendly bodacious book!


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