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Tough Cookie

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Tough CookieThis upcoming week we embark upon our second benchmark testing in third grade : (
Two days of learning… lost. Some students are a bundle of nerves while others are oblivious. A quote from Flora and Ulysses is appropriate for all the high stakes testing, “Stop the malfeasance!”

We read Wilma Unlimited last week and this week we’re going to share Tough Cookie, while different genres and totally different stories, there is a connection. When times get tough, we have to pull together. We all need a little help from our friends, Wilma had her family, Tough Cookie had his fellow cookie crumbs.  Excessive testing may leave us feeling ‘crummy’ however, we must fall in love with learning despite all obstacles!

(Remember the song, Lean On Me…I’m hoping this obsessive amount of testing will bring students and teachers together!)


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