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Connections Galore! Books to Adore!

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I’m currently reading The One and Only Ivan to my third graders but I can’t wait to introduce them to Gooney Bird Greene (storyteller extrordinare). Ivan loves the stories told by his endearing friend, Stella, and Gooney Bird’s class loves the stories she tells. I’m hoping all this storytelling will get them ready to write stories keeping the listeners in mind. Gooney Bird says we all have stories to tell (stories that are absolutely true) like how she came from China on a flying carpet (adorable)! She even gives story prompts to her classmates that I’m going to try out for our TELPAS writing samples. Thanks, Gooney Bird!

Mastering the Mechanics provides the busy teacher with a wealth of lessons for writing! A yearlong planner (in color, WOW!) is provided along with tons of tools and actual student writing samples! I have a lot of sources with this information but it is great to have all this info in one place!

How does Opening Minds connect? Peter H. Johnson says, “…in order to have dialogue, people have to listen to one another. I mention this because really listening to a partner is less common than it might seem, and because there is listening and then there is listening. Listening because you are interested (like Gooney Bird’s classmates) is quite different from listening as a matter of vigilance or responsibility (like faculty meetings :).”

Book connections are everywhere!


One thought on “Connections Galore! Books to Adore!

  1. Woot! Woot! Mrs. Barnes has joined the blogosphere! So excited. You are the quintessential learner. So grateful to be your protégée.

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