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Barnum’s Bones

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Meet the man behind T-rex…Barnum Brown! A wonderful read depicting the life of ‘Mr. Bones’…The kids were spellbound to discover how T-rex came to be known and they were also impressed by Barnum’s patience and determination. We are going to cook up a batch of play dough and make some dinosaur fossils. I am amazed at their interest my in nonfiction!
They were also curious about P.T. Barnum since he was mentioned in the book as the man Mr. Brown was named after because his family loved the circus. So I’m off to do some searching…”Isn’t he the one that said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”? I wonder what third graders think that phrase means? I’ve tried to slow down and ask them what they are thinking and it has been eye-opening. I’m so thankful curiosity is not extinct!


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