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Down the Yellow Brick Road!


Down the Yellow Brick Road!

Dorothy had a lot of decisions to make as she trekked to Emerald City. We’re all traveling on some kind of road and we are all headed somewhere…unless we stagnating which let’s hope that is NOT the case. Be proactive, DO SOMETHING!
Dorothy found one friend that was in search of a brain, at times in our lives we could all say we identify with Scarecrow, we are able to do something but think we can’t…words are powerful. What have you been telling yourself lately? Say only positive remarks to yourself and others. Train your brain to always be learning so every day is an adventure. Let’s think about what we CAN do, not what we cannot.
Next, our galavanting gal met a tin woodsman who was in need of a heart. Once again we can identify with being kinder, gentler, and helping those in need. Do we get too busy? Do we think it is all about us? Reality check…Do something from your heart today for someone who cannot repay you.
Last but not least, Dorothy met Lion, fearful not fearless, cowardly not courageous just like Scarecrow filled with cannots instead of cans. Is it easier to whine ‘I can’t” than try and fail? Isn’t the fear of failure paralyzing? Why are we afraid of failure?
Dorothy learned a lot from her comrades. The people around us can teach us so much if we are willing to notice. Seize the opportunities that come our way. What if Dorothy had just stayed in Munchkin Land where it was safe? Let’s start down that yellow brick road and as Yogi Berra said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” : )


2 thoughts on “Down the Yellow Brick Road!

  1. What great wisdom you share! Dorothy is definitely an example to follow. I love how you explained each characteristic she acquired from her interactions with her fellow travelers. We are all shaped by those who walk alongside us.

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