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Hocus Pokus Time to Focus!

Technology is the buzz word in education right now. Try this App, this website is the best, have you used…? Don’t get me wrong, I use technology but it is not my focus. It does consume a large portion of my time and I struggle with that because I know it is unwise to put all my eggs in one basket. King Solomon once said to avoid extremes, seeing that wisdom applied in today’s educational setting would warm the cockles of my heart. Have we lost our focus? Shouldn’t the kids be at the center of all instruction? Each kid and each class is different so what works beautifully in on room might be an epic failure in another. It should be all about the kids. I’m not saying educators shouldn’t share ideas and brainstorm but I wonder if sometimes the kids are the ones that are made to fit in our ‘wonderful’ lesson plans instead of the other way around. You wouldn’t take someone else’s prescription (or at least we’re not suppose to) so why do we think one App or program fits all? Nothing can replace building a relationship with students which takes time and effort. Since 1981, I’ve been blessed to have spent eight hours a day, five days a week in the presence of kids. They’ve have taught me a great deal and continue to do so each and every day. Education could be represented as a big collage with the kids in the middle and the many tools educators use around the edge. Hocus Pocus let’s strive to focus on the KIDS first and let technology and other teacher tricks and tools take a back seat.