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Books Pack a Punch

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The only time this little guy is still is when he’s sleeping or when he’s being read to. I read him Brown Bear, Brown Bear on the day he was born and his mom has made sure to keep it going by giving reading time a priority in their busy lives. He is only 10 months old and he has his favorites however those favorites are changing over time. Seeing him with a book and his eyes lighting up with the love of literature makes me so thankful that his parents are planting seeds of the power of print now, when it is almost effortless. On the other hand, I am sadden when I see the many kids that do not get this jump start and reading becomes a painful process.

I’ve started giving books as baby gifts (Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, Time for Bed, & The Little Blue Truck) along with prodding parents to read, read, read! Some parents take to it like kids take to snow days. These children will develop a love of books that will serve them well throughout their entire lives. They are giving their kids ‘The Edge’. They will know more, feel more, understand more than the unfortunate kids whose folks fail to set aside daily reading time, “What’s easy to do is easy not to do.” Some make excuses, “He won’t sit still long enough for me to read a book.” Which is probably true if they waited too late to begin, there’s a window and it will not stay open forever.


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