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“Mrs. Barnes! Mrs. Barnes! There’s water everywhere back by the sink!” Not exactly an ideal learning environment! We panicked a bit because the water squirting out was about two feet from our classroom library. Mopping, sopping, moving, and moaning came next. I put some clay around the pipe to redirect the water into a bucket and away from the books. Later that day, after my principal had to make a call,apparently my email/work order was ignored, finally help came. The funny thing was my after-school group was amazed by the guy fixing the sink. One kid asked me, “Hey, Mrs. Barnes, are you gonna pay him?”

Let’s leave leaky land and leap to a new literary find. Timmy Failure just arrived this week. I guess the pressure from standardized testing has even leaked (oops,NPI) into literature. Timmy Failure describes making pictures of mountains on his bubble sheet. The book is funny because Timmy embraces his last name, which is Failure. This goes along with the saying, “It’s OK to make mistakes because that’s how we learn.” Timmy is hilarious because he thinks he is so smart and there’s a lot of evidence to the contrary. He has a pet polar bear that is named Total. I told my class about it and they all wanted to read it. Should I let them? I don’t want any pictures of mountains on their answer sheets!

On a serious note, after reading Kizzy Ann Stamps our little leaky pipe problem suddenly seemed very small. A boy tried to keep Kizzy Ann’s brother out of trouble by taking the blame for wild cows destroying their smokehouse. The father slapped the boy as he yelled, “You worthless son.” Sent chills down my spine. Words are powerful!


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