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Technology Takes Time

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“In a minute.” “After this call.” Facebook, cell phones, emails, texts and tweets… are stealing time away from the kids of today, leaving these young ones hungry for face to face interaction. I talk to kids every day. Believe me the thing they yearn for is the same thing adults yearn for, to be heard.

Children are more adept at imitating than they are at listening.  What messages are technology packed parents sending their offspring?

“You are the most important thing in the world!” vs “Just let me take this last phone call, delete a few emails, change my FB status, and then we can talk.”

Remember the old song, “Cat’s in the Cradle”? Maybe, we should get Billy Joel to write a new verse about yet another way kids can be ignored.

Adults need to be the ones to model moderation. Are we up to the task?


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