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My class did the 4 C activity (from Making Thinking Visible) on our class read-aloud, Kizzy Ann Stamps. Some of their reflections were:

Connections-Kizzy Ann had a dog and we have dogs. She had a scar I have a scar. (I’ll admit these responses did not cause me to do handstands, but I kept reading and I’m glad I did.)
Change: At first Kizzy Ann was bothered by people looking at her scar but she changed because she discovered it is what’s on the inside that is important.
Challenge: It was hard for Kizzy Ann to trust people.

Concept: Look for the good inside people and don’t let the outside get in the way of being friends. Friends can be different because we are all different in many ways but we are alike in a lot of ways too. (Remember the book Fools and Feathers?)

Pretty deep thinking for third graders! It led to insightful discussions with everyone engaged and putting in their two cents worth. They were shocked by the unfairness that bombarded Kizzy Ann’s life.

These 23 Texas third graders were able to crawl into the skin of a black girl back in 1963 during the first year of integration of the black school with the white in the deep south. We got to read Kizzy Ann’s letters to her new teacher telling her about her crescent shaped scar from her eye to her mouth which earned her the nickname Moon Child. A scythe in the hands of a neighbor boy changed Kizzy Ann’s life forever. She explains the bright spot in her life, her incredible dog, Shag, her only friend at the onset of the book.

Group work is always a challenge because a few want to do everything and there is always a hitchhiker here and there so when something works you want to shout it from the mountaintop.
So here goes, “Give the 4 C activity a try!


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