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A trip to the dentist should not cause shaking in shoes and perspiring palms but alas a simple cleaning sets off uncontrollable alarms inside me that cannot be squelched. I have found something that makes this ‘ordeal’ much more bearable. I plan something fun to do afterward, meet a friend for coffee, go to a bookstore, etc. Does this victory bribe abate the fear? Not entirely, it does however give me something to ponder on instead of focusing on the scrape, scrape, scraping of metal against teeth.
I use this with my class all the time. After we do something painful, say a benchmark, we will do reader’s theater, an extra science experiment, or an art project. Life is filled with the good,(a child’s giggle, rain on a tin roof, a smile), the bad, (flat tires, leaky plumbing-my last time to mention this, seriously, trips to the dentist) and the ugly (state assessments, broken promises, snarky comments). I’m going to focus twice as much on the good (microscope it) and put much less energy on the other.


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