Duck into Third Grade

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Baffling Ball Battle


Recess duty was a bit different today. I witnessed a group of girls grabbing greedily for what appeared to be a wish flower from afar. As a neared the battle scene, I noticed the ball in question was a bunny’s tail instead of a dandelion seed factory. Yes, we do have playground balls, new one in fact, but to these girls the tail of a bunny held more appeal. The beginning of a school year really keeps us hopping (pun intended-I’ve always wanted to say that 🙂 Read the book Punished by David Lubar for puns galore!
Great beginning of the year books to jump start a kindness kick and help students with feeling good about being unique:
Ish, The Invisible Boy (have cookies ready to share), Ninja Cowboy Bear, Edward the Emu, Each Kindness, Don’t Laugh at Me, Enemy Pie and The Golden Rule to name a few.
Our chapter read-aloud has been How to Be Cool in Third Grade which will probably be followed by Roxie and the Hooligans, both show bullies breaking free from their brutish behavior!
May your year be filled with a class full of kids that love to learn, happily wait their turn, speak kind words instead of those that burn, and appreciate that their teacher is worth far more than she will ever earn! : )