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Pinwheels, Ponies, Perfection

IMG_4510IMG_4289IMG_4385Take time this holiday season to do something you’ve never done before. Don’t think big (climbing Mt. Everest), think small-something you can do right where you are, with what you have on hand, right now…something  you’ve never done before. My challenge was to make pinwheel cookies. My dear friend said they were easy peasy,  I guess she was right but she neglected to mention they were time consuming which was a stretch for me because although patience is a virtue it is one I struggle with on a daily basis. Any who, the cookies turned out cool and my class enjoyed knowing I forged into uncharted waters.  The pinwheel cookies went along with our class read-aloud Fig Pudding. Last year I ordered stollen from Germany to go with the book, who knows next year I may attempt to make it. Dare to dream.

This season has been busy because we were blessed with a new family member who decided to make his debut a week early. Little Jonas’s first book was The Giving Tree because  all the board books were in his brother’s room and I didn’t want to risk waking up the little dynamo. One can never start reading too early to a child. This will become a treasured time for adult and child. His brother’s first book was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, which Jonas heard the next day. They are blessed with a mom that reads to them daily which makes this Nana happy, happy, happy!

The pony in the picture was created during an inside recess by one thrilled artist. She grabs the clay right away each and every inclement day. I had orginally purchased the clay for a student with dyslexia to form words and objects. All my years of teaching and this little smartie taught me something when she pleaded to use the clay during an indoor recess. Duh, how had I missed it? She had been longing to get her hands on it for quite some time, who knew? (Obviously, not her teacher LOL) Now the clay is standard operating procedure for recess along with Legos, puzzles, checkers, and games…Choice is a gift we can easily give our kids. Unfortunately, what is easy to do is also easy not to do. I learned that in 2015!

Enjoy this holiday season, embrace the uniqueness of each and every day, remember to take time to appreciate the blessings God has sent your way!