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Uncommon Connections & Compass Points


My class comes up with unusual connections. I wanted to write today’s down before I forgot it. I noticed one of my deep thinkers was about to explode as I was reading from Weasel. He could hardly wait to share his epiphany with the class. He connected Mr. Ocax from Poppy to Weasel because both Mr. Ocax and Weasel hurt those they were suppose to be protecting. When kids see connections across genres it wows me! He amazed his peers with his insight and promptly received the ten-finger, “Woooo!” Golden moment!

Read-Aloud is a treasured time. It levels the playing field. All kids can participate in discussions and grow as readers. My class begs for a daily non-fiction tidbit. Thanks to Anne Claybourne and her 100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet I can easily make that happen. Now they are enthralled and eager to listen to informative text. This excitement is contagious! A class across the hall and one down the hall are also reading non-fiction! When kids are enthusiastic learning comes much easier. Rapport comes easy when you are learning about eyelash mites and earwax: )

The class thoroughly enjoyed using compass points to show their thinking. We just finished Charlotte’s Web and it was the perfect book for compass points…Needs, Excitement, Solution, and Worries. First, students drew a pig in the middle of a pink large piece of paper. Next, they drew lines from each corner to Wilbur. Then, they labeled each section like a compass and responded. Their answers were telling indeed! The next compass point activity they got to choose between Charlotte or Templeton. The class was engaged and the room was abuzz!