Duck into Third Grade

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Bridging the Gap

My third graders loved Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing! We connected it to Little Elliot in the Big City because of the pachyderm potential but one smart cookie connected the bridge in the background of Little Elliot to the Brooklyn Bridge…WOW! We are learning to notice the world around us and not be thwarted by the curse of knowledge. In a world that is now saturated with information, some tend to think they know more than they actually  do and miss something important. Kids can learn to make connections and notice their surroundings by using powerful picture books as tools. Next week, we will be sharing Pop’s Bridge and I’m sure my class will go connection crazy! A bridge is a symbol to me not to carry my kids but to scaffold them in such a way that each one can be successful. I need to drop just the right kind and just the right amount of bread crumbs in just the right places to nudge them in the direction that leads to agency and engagement and enlightenment, they must have ownership of their learning! This takes time.

Wait for it… This is a code phrase I use to teach my ultra-curious and lively grandson as he explores this world with great gusto… sometimes he must s-l-o-w down and… Wait for it…not something he wants to hear, but a fact of life…We must wait for many things. The bridge books show my class that important things take time. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. If my precious grandson can grasp this idea then I know my precious class can as well. I just hope their teacher can …Wait for it…give them time to develop from second graders into third graders as they are stumbling and falling along. Wait for it…praise  effort over  result. Wait for it…working together comes much easier for some than others. Don’t give up on group work. Wait for it…they are growing and changing every minute, I must notice and listen to the learning that is going on! My goal must to bridge gaps and celebrate growth!