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Visible Thinking with CSI Meets Fab Four

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What is CSI? Color, Symbol, and Image is a unique tool. It brings the students together in an amazing way. It is a flexible creation that can go with fiction and non-fiction. What’s the down side? The first couple of times may be a bit challenging even with major modeling but persevering will lead to an epic pay off. After several slogging episodes of CSI attempts, we finally made it into the end zone for a touchdown at last! The extra points came almost effortlessly!

Just this week, groups of three, created CSIs  a Scholastic News issue on immigrants and a chapter from The Chocolate Touch. The icing on the cake is that the students present their CSIs to the class. My students were speaking up so much better than they were at the onset. Complete turnaround! : )
Quick instructions: Each triad needs a large piece of paper.
Fold the paper into thirds and label each section: Color, Symbol, and Image.
Students discuss who will do which section-no hitchhikers-everyone has a job to do.
For example, on the recent immigrant issue of Scholastic News, most groups chose the colors red, white, and blue but their reasons were different. However, one group chose yellow for their color because it was a happy color and the immigrants were happy to come to America. Both are right because they show the thinking of the group.
The symbol is one picture, such as the flag or the Statue of Liberty.
Image is like a picture or scene, the ship that brought them etc.
Underneath each visual the groups explains their thinking.
Fab Four was something the kids already knew how to do but for some reason they always balked at the summary section. However, when linked with CSI (they did it on the back) the kids embraced it with a new fervor. The groups were talking and discussing enthusiastically, maybe because they wanted to get to the CSI on the back or maybe because they felt more confident, whatever the reason the difference was huge! My only must do was the Predict section of the Fab Four, then they could choose how they finished the rest. Different groups did all of the Fab Four: Predicting, Clarifying, Questioning, and Summarizing and then turned the paper over to do their CSI while others did the Predict section and flipped it over to do the CSI, they were all productive in their own way. Choice can be powerful!
This gaves the students a routine that they can own. The kids love it and they were doing some heavy duty group work without even thinking about it. Everyone got along and focused on the task at hand, shocker. After the second try, the groups ran as smoothly as a car after a tune-up. Now we can add this jewel to the d18de11a3f09d6c200de6bf8eda78ed7

csi4Cs and Compass Points chalking up three routines that give them confidence to show what they are thinking in quick creative ways.


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